Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sew, what should I do?

After I can't tell you how many years I'm finally getting an art studio. With our basement cleaned out, the work has begun in setting up my own studio. And it's not only an art studio, with a 40 inch flat screen tv, love seat and couch it's practically a whole new home for me! Pictures coming soon!

And if that's not enough, I finally can pull out the sewing cabinet my mom gave me. And she said I'd never use it. So after making my Boot Socks (see my Upcycle an old sweater to make Boot Socks blog) I got the itch to make myself some other new clothes. As always I've started a board on Pinterest under Make Your Own Clothes. My love for upcycling continues with reusing old t-shirts but I've also found a few items to try out my sewing skills on. (Mom, if you're reading this, prepare yourself for several phone calls.)
Sweet Verbena
I might make this my first sewing project. Absolutely adorable.
What do you think about making it a dress?
Not to steal any thunder from MeandD. Her shop
on Etsy has some adorable items (check out her
Fleece Yoga Wrap. So comfy!) But I may have
to try this myself.

Show Tell Share
No cutting, no sewing. Quick, easy instructions
for updating an old tee.
Needles, Thread and Love
A tutorial is provided to create this
Wrap Dress. Bonus: You can wrap
it multiple ways!
Fine and Feathered
I love everything Josie blogs.
Check out her easy-to-do crisscross headband.
Make It and Love It
Hey mamas! Don't throw out your old tees. Make your
mini-me a new dress!
Connect the Dotson's
Steal your mans tees and create a new,
no-sew t-shirt for yourself.
Your Style Rocks
The grand finale! I'll have to work my
way up to this one but it looks elegant
and there's a free pattern.

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