Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Scrabble Board Project

Words with Friends is going crazy and there's a sudden popularity with using scrabble letters as art so I thought I'd make an art piece that works for us in the house.
Here are my materials:
Scrabble game; old Dictionary ($1.00 at Goodwill!), magnets,
24"x24" sheet metal, frame
I glued the magnets to the back of each scrabble letter
I used some Mod Podge to glue some dictionary
pages to the sheet metal
One layer of pages done. I added a 2nd layer to make sure all
of the sheet metal was covered.
I created my own scrabble board and printed it out. I didn't
see any free printable scrabble out there though so maybe
 you can make a photo copy of the board if you don't want
to make your own. I then went over all of the pages with
a coat of Mod Podge to protect the pages.
I bought a frame you can put together yourself. It's a little thin
so I may still look for a 2'x2' frame or maybe make my own.
Hang it up!
Then write your own message or have an ongoing game.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Twigs and Twine .... with some help from the dogs

I decided to get a little crafty with some twigs from the yard and some leftover twine.

Twig Votive
I grabbed some twigs and broke them off in even pieces.
I used my hot glue gun to paste them onto a votive
In some areas I doubled up the twigs
And then added my twine

A little gift for my sweetie
I gathered a few twigs about the same length
Using a knife I CAREFULLY shaved off the first layer of bark
on one of the twigs
(A little hard to see) I wrote my quote in pencil
I broke out my wood burner and copied over my text
I used a rubber band to hold all the sticks together
I wrapped the twine around both ends to hold the sticks together
Let's stick together
Grrrr...... so I finished this last night and was going to publish my blog tonight. Unfortunately it totally slipped my mind that my precious little fur-babies LOVE to chew on sticks. And where did I leave my newest little craft project? On a side table... right where they could reach it.... this is what I came home to....
Not much left
So who did it? This one sure loves munching on sticks
But he looks pretty guilty.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring's coming!

A high in the 70's... in St. Louis.... in the middle of February??? I'll take it! And it was a perfect day to finish my Spring Wreath!
Makes me feel warmer just looking at it. Can't
wait for more warm weather!
A wreath; your choice of yarn; flowers; a decorative item (I
selected some pearly beads), and I decided to use some
leftover burlap to hang the wreath.
I wanted to stagger my yarn so I marked off where I would
change colors. I made mine even but making them uneven
would be a nice effect too.
I started wrapping the yarn around the wreath and used my hot
glue gun but you can also use fabric glue.
1st round done.
I went back around each color to cover any uneven spots.
Add in your flowers and beads
Attached your burlap and hang!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Letter Art... with a twist

The alphabet letter art is huge right now. I wanted to create a more personal one with my soon-to-be new last name! ;)
I realized how light the H and M are once I stepped back and
snapped a photo. I'll have to go back and redo those.
I took pics of some of our important items
W - Our first engagement gift! A large W to display
O - The logo from my Christmas boots Jason bought me. I love them!
O -  I kept a charm that was from the first wedding Jason and I went to.
D - From our WorlD Series tickets from 2011. Go Cards!
H - Stole this image from my Beach Table.
A - From one of Jason's National GuArd bags.
M - Go Mizzou! Jason's favorite college team.

From a previous project I had an extra board and an extra dowel
rod. I purchased a smaller size board to glue to pictures to. I
cut them down to 4x4 inch squares and also cut the dowel rod at
varying lengths.
WEAR EYE PROTECTION! I'm not sure if I didn't have a good
hold of the rod when I was cutting or if there was a bad spot but
my saw kicked this piece up at me. Luckily there was no injury!
Let a piece of Steel Wool soak in Apple Cider
Vinegar overnight. Then scrub your board and
let it dry. Instant aging
I used Contact Cement to glue on the 'nubs'
but eventually I switched to an epoxy. I was
afraid the contact cement wouldn't hold the
weight. It was soaking into the wood too much
Missing a photo here but I printed out my pics and
glued them to my 4x4 pieces of wood. I then glued
the 4x4s to the nubs.
Almost done!
I drilled two holes (equal distance from the sides)
in the top of the wood
Screwed in two eye hooks
And thread some twine through. I went back
and forth 3 times but that adjustable.
Ummm... back to work. Need to fix
the H and M. It'll drive me nuts otherwise.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wooden Letter Quote

I combined a couple techniques I've found. Trying to decide if I like it...
I found a quote I liked and bought some wooden letters
I also had a couple of flowers I had doodled
Sorry for the lack of the next few pictures. I grabbed an
extra canvas and mod podged some phone book pages to
the canvas (I have to use the Yellow Pages for something).
I then painted over the phone book in white. Don't worry
about trying to smooth the pages down.
Once my paint dried I went over the canvas with some sandpaper.
The wrinkles of the phone book will ware off.

Glue down your wooden letters
I enlarged my flower doodle
And traced a copy onto the canvas
I then went over the flower with white paint
Almost done!
A little hard to see but I watered down some brown
paint and covered the canvas in small sections. Before
the paint dried I wiped off the excess paint. This will
give it an aged look
All done!