Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wooden Letter Quote

I combined a couple techniques I've found. Trying to decide if I like it...
I found a quote I liked and bought some wooden letters
I also had a couple of flowers I had doodled
Sorry for the lack of the next few pictures. I grabbed an
extra canvas and mod podged some phone book pages to
the canvas (I have to use the Yellow Pages for something).
I then painted over the phone book in white. Don't worry
about trying to smooth the pages down.
Once my paint dried I went over the canvas with some sandpaper.
The wrinkles of the phone book will ware off.

Glue down your wooden letters
I enlarged my flower doodle
And traced a copy onto the canvas
I then went over the flower with white paint
Almost done!
A little hard to see but I watered down some brown
paint and covered the canvas in small sections. Before
the paint dried I wiped off the excess paint. This will
give it an aged look
All done!

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