Sunday, April 29, 2012

Removing Wine Labels

No, unfortunately I don't have a new project to show... but I do have a great tip for removing those stubborn wine labels!
It still took a little bit a work. Some labels are harder to get off than others but here's the secret.... the next time you're making dinner and using your oven, throw in a few wine bottles after you're done cooking. Let them sit in there for about 10 minutes and the labels will be peal right off... most of them anyway. I used the back off a butter knife to scratch off a few labels. \

After letting some bottles soak in my tub....
.... and still no success, this is the best method I've found so far.

Please be careful when doing this. Those bottles get hot fast! I used an oven mitt and a towel and sometimes they were still a little too warm for me to hang on to. Also make sure the bottles are completely empty of any liquid. You don't want to have it boiling up inside a bottle only to pull the bottle out of the oven and pour steaming liquid on your little toes.
And out of about 2 dozen, I did have one that just shattered on me. You should probably wear some eye protection. Luckily I heard this one cracking and set it down before it completely broke in two.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Photo Challenge

10 weeks ago when Jason left for Basic I knew I would miss him like crazy.... but I thought there might be a few things he would miss too. So everyday I took a photo of something that made me think of him... I should say, I took a photo everyday of ONE of the things that made me think of him. We finally got to see each other so I put the finishing touches on the book to give to him.
I had this pic laying around but I'd like to put one of us from
his graduation.
My 1st shot at binding. It was actually pretty fun once I got the
hang of it. Sorry there's no tutorial with this blog. This book came
together in a rush and I wasn't quite sure what or how I was going
to make it.
My stitches need to be tighter but still fun.
I found instructions by watching a video
on youtube.
Pic of the beautiful flowers he sent
Mail from him!
Some of my messages for him
I miss having a glass bottle with him
I miss watching the sunset with him
While he might not admit it I think he misses his little girl

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Beach Bath Redo

The bathroom remodeling is done.... almost. I think we're going to put in a new vanity so until we do that I'm going to wait to paint. But with the Beach Table done and a few more pieces finished up it's looking pretty beachy.
I had this old mirror sitting around so I painted it up
Same color on this little shelf
Add assorted beachy knickknacks
I already had these shelves in there but added
some jars, shells, sand and candles.
Next I took a couple of boards and found these 3 cheap
squares which work perfect
Again, I found some odds and ends
And glued them on the squares
I used epoxy to attach them to the boards
I used some fabric to hang it up