Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Photo Challenge

10 weeks ago when Jason left for Basic I knew I would miss him like crazy.... but I thought there might be a few things he would miss too. So everyday I took a photo of something that made me think of him... I should say, I took a photo everyday of ONE of the things that made me think of him. We finally got to see each other so I put the finishing touches on the book to give to him.
I had this pic laying around but I'd like to put one of us from
his graduation.
My 1st shot at binding. It was actually pretty fun once I got the
hang of it. Sorry there's no tutorial with this blog. This book came
together in a rush and I wasn't quite sure what or how I was going
to make it.
My stitches need to be tighter but still fun.
I found instructions by watching a video
on youtube.
Pic of the beautiful flowers he sent
Mail from him!
Some of my messages for him
I miss having a glass bottle with him
I miss watching the sunset with him
While he might not admit it I think he misses his little girl

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