Saturday, February 4, 2012

Upcycled Side Table.... Beach style!

I definitely have to have some small projects to keep me busy while Jason's away at Basic Training. My first one is complete... or at least part of it. I've decided to make our 1/2 bath beach themed. I started with an old table I already had sitting in there.
Here's my plain ol' table. You can see I already
started with some seashell decor
I had some of this sample paint laying around
I painted up the table. I wasn't too worried about
an even coat. I had plans to do a little sanding.
I found a few images online to work with and put them together.
I scribbled on the back of the page, taped the paper to the table
in the correct place and then traced over the design
Image transferred
I used a thin brush for the outlines. Again, I didn't worry too
much about the details, this is suppose to look old and worn.
Filled in with my muted beach colors
And sanded down
I sanded down the entire table especially
on the edges.

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