Saturday, January 7, 2012

52 Reasons I Love You.... get started on your Valentine's Day gift!

I actually made this gift for my boyfriend fiance for Christmas. BUT it's a perfect gift for Valentine's Day which is just around the corner. I found instructions on PaperVine's Blog but there are several websites out there. Many include free templates and free fonts.

Not pictured - I searched for an old deck of cards.
I wanted a worn look to them so I found some sandpaper
and lightly sanded each card. Next I punched 2 holes in
each card. It works best if you use a template to
align the holes.
I wrote out my 52 reasons and applied them to my template
Cut all of them out. You should have a total of 53 cards.
52 reasons plus the front cover.
Start gluing! I used Elmer's glue first. Once it dried I went
back through with double sided tape on the cards that weren't
sticking so well.
Extra Hint: Your #1 reason will go on the back of the cover card.
Maybe I was sleepy but it took me a sec to figure out.
Find book rings (I had to go to an office supply store), 
thread the cards on and you're DONE!


  1. Is this template you used from papervine? Or is it one you found online?