Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Your own custom side table

This table has been in the works for a number of years but I finally finished it... and love it. Customize it to fit your style. Fill it with decorative rocks, seashells, corks. The possibilities are endless!

A large pot (go with something plastic so it's not too heavy)
Glass top
Filler (I went with rocks but again it's up to you)
Wood panel

This is the part that took so long to finish. My pot wasn't as tall as I wanted to I grabbed a circular panel and 4 little chair legs... table legs... sorry, I'm not exactly sure what they are.
My pot
My rocks - I found a huge bag at Garden Ridge for $6
As usual I was hasty and wanted to start on my table. I didn't
have a panel wide enough for the pot but I did have 2 piece
that fit together nicely. You'll want to cut your panel so it sits
just inside the pot leaving a couple of inches from the top
for your filler.
My glass top. It took a while to find a piece the
right size. I finally found it at Hobby Lobby. Used
a 40% coupon and scored it for about $15.
Here are the extra pieces I bought to give the table some height.
Sorry it's blurry. I marked off where I wanted to screw in
the little table legs
I predrilled some holes
Screwed in the legs
I spray painted the base.
Filped the pot over and aligned the base
Screwed the base into the bottom of the pot. I also
ran a line of epoxy along the bottom of the pot
for extra strength.
Flipped the pot (and base) upright. I placed my panel inside
the pot and dumped in my filler.
I also purchased some little plastic sticky cushions so the glass
doesn't rub on the top of the pot.
I'm thinking I might have to switch it out
for wine corks in the near future.
 This wasn't necessarily the cheapest project for a new side table but it's definitely something you won't see anywhere else.

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