Thursday, March 29, 2012

Song Lyrics Artwork

Have a favorite song? Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is a favorite of Jason and I. (Video's at the bottom of the blog. Watch out it's catchy and gets stuck in your head!) We love the lyrics and usually catch ourselves singing a line or two... or whistling it. So I thought I'd make some artwork.
You don't need many materials for this project: A piece of wood,
some lyrics, paint, exacto knife and contact paper.
I had this piece leftover from my Scrabble Board project
I typed the lyrics out and designed them to fit within the right size.
I taped off my border
I laid down the contact paper and then the lyrics
I started by covering the back of the lyrics page with
graphite and then traced over the letters.
You can see it transferring over here. But I soon learned
just cutting out the letters of the paper with an exacto
knife will transfer the graphite too. For an easier way
to transfer your lyrics view Living with Lindsay's blog
I'm pretty sure I just about broke my fingers cutting
these letters out.
And if the last step didn't break it then going back
over the contact paper to ensure the cuts were all
made correctly definitely broke my fingers
The fun part... peeling the contact paper off to leave the letters
I ran my brayer over the letters to make sure they
were nice and snuggle against the wood before
I started painting
I brushed paint on but I think I would use spray paint
next time, for one, it would be a faster way to paint. But
also I noticed the paint I used was a little too liquidy
and ran under my letters
I wanted the black paint to pop so before I pulled up in letters
I sprayed the board with a glossy clear coat
Here you can see where some of the paint seeped
under the contact paper.
Definitely like it though. Now I just need
to figure out how I want to frame it.

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