Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fancy decor for a couple of bucks!

Want some fancy decor? Hit up Goodwill!
Hurricane (found at Goodwill! You can buy a new one but they're usually at least a couple more bucks)
Candlestick (again, found it at Goodwill for a buck!)
Rubber bands
Spray paint

So I got a little exited and started working on this before I took pictures. And I probably completed my steps in the wrong order. I epoxied the hurricane onto the candlestick first. I would wait to the end. :/ Sorry!
So the hurricane I used was similar to this one. You
can use any candlestick you find too.
Add the rubber bands randomly or create a pattern.
Spray paint the hurricane in a color of your choosing.
Let the paint dry and careful peel off your
rubber bands. If you have a light coating the
paint will scratch off so be careful!
I squeezed some epoxy around the top of the
candle stick and let dry.
Grab a candle and enjoy your cheap decor!

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