Friday, December 2, 2011

Upcycling ~ Wine Bottles & Corks

My latest craze... upcycling and vintage items. Most likely due to my genetics (my mom and grandma do the exact same thing) I've found myself keeping items over the years saying to myself, I could make something really fun out of this! Sometimes I do... sometimes I don't.

Don't get me wrong, I am NOT a hoarder. At this point in my life I'm finally able to look at these items and really ask myself; do I have a project in mind, is there room to store it somewhere and will I make the time to complete it. Ummm, well.... I'm starting with baby steps here.

So after all the Thanksgiving feasts I noticed a number of wine bottles sitting about and tried to find a few ideas. You can check out my Upcycle ~ Wine Bottles and Corks board on Pinterest. Otherwise most of them are below.

One of my favorite. Maybe it's because I love candles
but probably because I LOVE Grey Goose. :)
Wine Bottle Hurricanes
Home Tone has some creative ways to reuse Wine Bottles too.
Justina Blakeney also shows 12 ways to reuse bottles.
I'd loved to figure out how to make the hanging plants!
Cork Wreath
Dip them in Chalk paint. Decorate the bottles with a message
or table numbers. Also dip the bottom of your wine in the chalk paint. Your guest
can write their names on their own glasses.
Wit & Whistle's blog takes you through the steps of adding lights to bottles
A monogram cork! An easy gift to make for friends and family or make one for yourself. explains the simple steps.
Jaime walks you through the steps to create this adorable vase and
candle holder on her Crafty Scrappy Happy blog.
On A Yellow Bicycle blog they also have a few ideas for Bottle DIY projects.
I love this lantern and the tiki torch (below). Both are a must do before next spring
Wine cork bath mat contemporary bathroom
Bathmat made of Corks by Monica Ewing at
Get out your paint brushes and stencils.
I found both of these through Etsy
Another way to identify your drinking glasses from Craftzine
With instructions from Zero Waste Designs you can build a shelf
And if you don't have any painting, cutting or building skills there's even a few projects for you!
At Home Furnishings displays a beautiful centerpiece with various shapes
and sizes of bottles and tapered candles
And a few more centerpiece ideas from Curbly
If nothing else, use them as a border. Check out Trashy Wench: The Queen of Creative Reuse's
No Whine Wine Creations blog.
I'm realizing already people may start to think I have a small drinking problem if I do create all of these. Whoops. ;)

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