Friday, December 9, 2011

Sparkling Wine Bottles

As mentioned in my Happy Holidays blog, I saved up some bottles to follow Cleverly Inspired's Wine Bottle Christmas Display. The whole process took a few hours. Most of which was waiting for paint, glue, etc to dry. I used a few different and new items to create mine and received the same results. Below are my pictures and instructions.

3 bottles of different sizes (mine are all the same and I definitely think they would look better with varying sizes)
Spray Primer I used regular old white spray paint I had laying around
Epson Salt
Spray Glue
Clear Sealant (This was a step I added. The epson salt falls off fairly easily. Maybe it had to do with chilly temperature since I was working in the garage. I had some clear sealant laying around so I sprayed it on. It did seem to help)

Lay down some newspaper and get to spraying. Cover all three bottles
with the white or primer spray paint.
I gathered up the rest of my supplies
Spread out some Epsom salt and spray your bottles with the glue.
While the bottle is still tacky, roll it through the Epsom salt. I did
this step twice, waiting about 1/2 hour in between.
At this point I sprayed on the sealant
It looks like snow!

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