Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bloggers in Remembrance

by:  Billy Little

Every soldier has a dream
Whilst going off to war
He dreams of coming home
And what he`s fighting for

The promise he made to his mother
Whispered in a farewell embrace
Or the tears he wipes away
From his little sisters face

He shakes the hand of his father
Then hugs him ever so tight
He’s holding back the tears
With all of his might

His wife kisses him so tenderly
While his son is at his knee
He scoops him up into his arms
The tears flow for all to see

His little boy wipes his tears
And say`s “Daddy don’t cry”
I will look after mum for you
If you were to die

He puts his son down
And turns to walk away
Dreaming, that he will
Make it home one day

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