Saturday, July 9, 2011

Family..... or Art History

Recently my mom brought out some pictures my grandma created years and years ago. I thought it was pretty interesting considering I had recently sat down to work on a watercolor and my niece, age 7, decided to join me. My sister-in-law is also great about mailing my 2 year-old nephews latest artwork to the family. I love each and everyone of these pieces!
Pastels ~ by Martha Tipton

Watercolor ~ by Martha Tipton

Watercolor ~ by Martha Tipton
ummmm... seems like I've seen a watercolor painting like this but maybe with some ink added... ;)
Abby ~ age 7
Butterflies and flowers... there seems to be a trend...

Billy ~ age 2
His mom was kind enough to label what he was painting. Also I have to mention he painted this with a brush!

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