Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Chilly - Bring out the Yarn!

Geez! 2 months since my last post. That's just terrible. The end of summer and the start of fall have kept me pretty busy though.

Recently I traded in my paintbrush for a crochet hook. With about 5 friends popping out cute little babies between July and September I thought I'd get busy with the yarn and make a few booties, hats and blankets. I also took some time to get a little creative with other projects.

Baby Owl hat for my nephew. He recently became a big brother!

Baby Bear hat for my newest nephew! I placed some ties in the back of the hat so it can grow with him.

I found myself with a present for boyfriend's birthday but no time to run to the store for wrapping paper. So I created my own custom wrapping paper and paper flowers instead of a bow.

Halloween Wreath

Black and dead roses and a RIP tombstone

And of course a creepy spider with his webs draped about!
Baby Hat - soooo cute!

Part of my Halloween costume... more of that to come

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