Friday, May 4, 2012

Pinterest for Dummies

For those of you who haven't made the commitment joined Pinterest yet or even for those who have, the complaint I usually hear when surfing the internet for ideas is you see an image once and then it's lost in good ol' internetland, never to be found again. Of course when Pinterest became popular there wasn't an issue, right? Wrong, how many times have you pinned an image only to go back later and find the link is broken. Boo! Well, here's a helpful tutorial to solve that problem.

I stumbled on this by accident while searching for images on Goggle. My issue is I usually see an image I like, save it to my computer and later on forget why I saved it, where I found it, etc. I discovered Google has an Advanced Search option. Pretty nice, eh? So I did some reading about using their image search and found you can actually search for an image by using that image! Craziness! Who would have thought.

Below are some screen shots and directions.

Go to and click on the Images tab along the top. The Google Images page will include a camera icon within
the search bar at the far right.

After you click on the camera icon, this box will appear. You can either paste the image directly into the field (Ctrl V) or
you can upload an image you've saved on your computer.

I decided to search for an image I saved. I know I copied the pic from Funky Junk Interiors (awesome blog!!!) but for
purposes of this exercise, we'll pretend I can't remember.

A window will pop open for you to search for the image you've saved, in this case a large # 2 Donna created. This one
was out on my desktop. Click 'Open' once you've selected the correct image

You should see it searching (or the little spinning wheel as some call it) .....

And voila! There's the image along with the correct website! MAGIC!

Here was the information Google Support provided. I did some more research to see if I was absolutely nuts or if other people were struggling with this too. One of my favorite sites, The Graphics Fairy actually has a blog on how to find Pinterest images too. Hope this helps!

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