Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Gift

Create your own Mother's Day gift. Below are the steps for this 3 panel personalize photo collage.
Don't want to do 3 panels? Just do one!
Boards - I used 3 but you decided (I would stick with an odd #; 1, 3, 5)
Matte Black Spray paint 
Pictures - I was able to find three photographs from my childhood with my brother and sister. Print these pictures on thick paper. I used Card Stock.
Mod Podge
Eye Hooks - You'll need 10 if you create three panels
Start with the boards. Either buy some precut boards or cut them
down to the correct size.
Spray paint your boards. Be sure to cover the sides.
Once your paint has dried grab your eye hooks. I drilled a few
holes in the top and bottom of my boards to ensure they were
all in the same place.
Screw them in
Cover just the board with Mod Podge (without your picture).
Then place your photo on the board and cover the photograph
with Mod Podge too.
**** I used my inkjet printer but I think it would be better to
use a laser jet if you have one available.
Let the Mod Podge dry for about 12 hours. Then sand down
the edges. I roughed up other parts of the board and some
parts of the photograph too.
Use your twine to connect all the pieces. This was the
hardest part of this project for me. You want to make
sure the twine on each side is the same length or
your photos will hang crooked.
Here are my 3 photos: Summer time in the backyard
Building a snowman!
Summer vacation
And you're ready to wrap it up.

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