Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pain vs Pane.... I do know the difference ;)

"Window Pain" ~ Graphite
Someone recently pointed out to me that they thought this drawing was labeled incorrectly. The drawing is of a window pane and I used the the wrong spelling. Here's the background story.

Unfortunately this was one of my pieces destroyed. It photographed really well but you can see where it's torn on the right hand side. The tear starts on the right side of the window pane and cuts down across the pipe.

This is one of my favorite drawings. I love the angles, the contrast, the details of the pipe. I'll admit it's not the greatest but it's still my fav.

Until recently I never named my artwork. Once I started creating a website and blog I went through each piece trying to decide on names.

Since this was one of my favorite pieces it kills me each time I look at the artwork and see the tear. So that was why I decided to name the piece Window Pain. It's a play on words. ;)

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  1. You need to put that in a floater mat and thin black metal frame, and sign the mat with the title, that is an awesome interpretation ..... ya gotta suffer for art, looks like it paid off (in every aspect of your life :)!!! You should do another one called "Pain in the Glass" :)