Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just a taste of "Skittles"

I'm looking forward to my newest watercolor so I thought I'd post a picture. I already named the piece 'Skittles'. I want it to be colorful and vibrant. I'm still debating if I want to add the ink outline like I did in 'Ah Nuts' and my 'Menage a Trois' triology. Thoughts?


  1. Glad to see you doing what you have always loved doing.

    Love ya,


  2. Well here's what I think..I think the ink outline could look awesome, BUT since you wouldn't do it, or have to do it, until the very end, I would like to see what it would look like complete first. I think you should treat it as if you are not going to "ink" it, hehe...then decide later! You might want this one to have a different feel since you have already done a few with the outlining. :-)
    Can't wait to see the progress!

  3. Thanks Dad! Trying to pay that college loan off one painting at a time. :/

    Thanks Julie! That was my plan too. I'll finish the watercolor and decide from there what I want to do.

    Love ya and miss ya both!